Vtiger – For Internal Use Only

In Vtiger there is a lot of options to isolate data between roles using permissions. One of the latest modifications we completed was for a client who wanted to expand on this.

In this use case, the client wanted to monitor modifications in a contact record. This client operates as a call center with many different sales reps who login using the same Vtiger role. There are several workflows in place that manage alerts to the administration and also email triggers for various campaigns. Our client wanted to protect the original values entered by the associate so they could be referenced in the record via additional workflows.

We created a custom script. When the sales rep enters in values to these specific fields and then saves the record, these values are picked up by the script and copied to “Office Use Only” fields. This allows the client to build workflows and campaigns off of these specific values without referencing the update log.

Vtiger Internal Office Use Only

Do you have ideas of how this might work in your application? We would love to hear from you.

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