Google Contact User Guide

[accordion title=”Google Apps Integration”]

  • In order for your Contacts to sync – you have to check “ContactSync” checkbox. It is checked by default.
  • Revoke – To remove your Google account from the sync module.
  • Update – To update your Google token.

[accordion title=”Trigger Sync Manually”]

  • When clicked – selected vTiger contacts will be sent/updated to the selected Google Contact Group. Note, this is the same functionality as the cron job/scheduled task.
  • When clicked – all Google contacts will be sent/updated to vTiger. Note, this is the same functionality as the cron job/scheduled task.


[accordion title=”Setup Cron Job”]

This cron job will trigger automatic sync from Google to vTiger and opposite

Enter the cron file
$ crontab -e
pico /etc/crontab

#5 * * * * php -f /<VT>/modules/CalendarSync/syncContactFromGA.php
#5 * * * * php -f /<VT>/modules/CalendarSync/syncContactFromVT.php


[accordion title=”vTiger to Google”]

  • You can filter the contacts you want to send from vTiger to Google. In the first drop down you will see all the existing vTiger contact filters – select one or leave “All” to sync all vTiger contacts.
  • In the second drop down, select the the Google group to which you want your vTiger contacts to be sent.

[accordion title=”Google to vTiger”]

  • You can specify the group, from which Google Contacts will be sent to vTiger. Use Add/Remove to add or remove the group from the list. You can add multiple Google groups.

[accordion title=”Linked Accounts”]

  • Here you can see the accounts which are linked to the module. You might see multiple accounts here, which means you have synchronized your vTiger Contacts with multiple google accounts. When you click the “Reset Sync Data” – it remove the linkage between your vTiger Contacts and Google Contacts items for selected/highlighted user above. Note, this will cause duplicates unless you purge your Google Contacts in advance.

[accordion title=”Your First Sync”]

  • This is the recommended procedure for syncing the first time. For the most reliable results, your initial contacts should all be located in vTiger.
    • Backup your vtiger and Google Contacts.
    • Remove all contacts from the Google Contact Group you will send vtiger contacts to.
    • Select vTiger filter
    • Select Google Contact Groups
    • Hit “Save”
    • Hit “Send All filtered Contacts to Google”


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