Importing data into Vtiger

Recently I’ve been involved in a several projects where our client has important data that is collected outside of Vtiger. These clients want to use the power of Vtiger to organize their collected data to create new leads or opportunities.

vtiger-data-funnelSome examples of data collection:

  • WordPress Web Forms (Gravity Forms is a popular module)
  • Online Surveys and Feedback Forms whether these be in house or 3rd party
  • Email campaigns using MailChimp and Constant Contact

We have also been tasked with data collection through 3rd Party APIs. This is popular with Merchant accounts or eCommerce websites. Combining the power of funneling this data into a central location like Vtiger allows you to then use our Vtiger Quickbooks app to organize financial data.

Vtiger is more than just a CRM, it’s uses are limitless and on a daily basis we are afforded the opportunity to assist clients in streamlining their business processes.

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