Latest Update on Vtiger New Releases

Prasad from Vtiger, who is in charge of managing communication with the open source community, posted this last week.  There is not much new here, but you can see the 6.5 release is minor features, bug fixes and some enhancements that will make life better for Vtiger app developers.  Vtiger 7 looks to carry over the major UI features from on demand.  In addition the date on that release appears to be slipping to 2017 which I predicted.


6.5 Release Goal (Q2 / early Q3 2016)

  • More focused on bug-fixes, merge-requests and minor features.
  • Features that demands less core-framework changes will be pulled from Ondemand.
7.0 Release Goal (ETA – tentative 2017)
  • Vtiger 7 Layout
    • Enabling Multi-layout support need more community evaluation and feedback.
  • Approved Ondemand features + core framework changes that are compatible to Opensource.
What features will be in 7.0?
  • To be discussed post 6.5.0 release.
  • You are welcome to file requests on

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