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Vtiger has released a validation version (see message below). I am not really sure what is meant by a Validation version. Assuming this is not a new term for the RCA version (release candidate), I suppose they are not ready to release an RCA and they want some feedback pre-release.
April 5 Vtiger post:
We are happy to announce an update regarding Vtiger7.0, we have pushed V7 code to vtiger/vtigercrm (, and we welcome your valuable contribution in validating V7.
Please log your validation queries in the link
I received this information from Ganesh at Vtiger on Mar 30

We’re happy to inform that Vtiger 7.0 RC and GA have been scheduled for the release. These releases include many new features and UI changes.

Release Schedule:
–RC – April 03, 2017
–GA – April 17, 2017

List of Vtiger7 new features:
–Vtiger 7 UI layout
–Easier list views
–Private / Public tags
–Web form attachments
–Variable Taxes, Charges, and Regions
–Picklist Coloring
–App Menus
–Rollup comments
–Multiple dashboard tabs
–Controlled sharing of Lists
–Custom Activity Type
–Splitting Edit action in Create / Edit action in roles / profiles.
–Comment with attachments.
Please watch this page for more updates –

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