Need a new Vtiger module, sort of..

It’s very common for clients to approach us with a requirement that seems like a large obstacle to tackle. Recently we had a client who needed a way to modify their Vtiger 5.2 build to create logins to a ticket portal.


The client has two sources that would need to view updates to Support tickets. Our client facilitates transactions and customer service between a 3rd-party provider and the end consumer. When a ticket is created our client may need to discuss the ticket details with the consumer and the service provider. Out of necessity, our client wanted this information to be provided to both sources in real time data displays. How could this be done without adding every consumer and every service provider to their Vtiger crm? The solution was actually quite simple. Here’s the details.

  • First we decided on the appropriate module to use. In this case we used the Vendor module and created a new field called “Service Provider.” Several of the “new” Service providers already existed as vendors in this client’s vendor data. We made a script to migrate data from existing tickets and Vendors. If the new field on Vendors has a value of “Service Provider” then our custom portal will treat the Vendor as a Service provider and create a login.
  • Second, we created a login screen that would allow the end consumer to enter a ticket number. The concept is, the consumer enters their ticket number and designated fields are instantly displayed to the consumer. These values are directly pulled from Vtiger and update in real time.

In summary, we did not have to create two new modules respectively labeled “Consumer” and “Service Providers.” We chose to use an existing Vtiger module “Vendors” and enabled a trigger to distinguish a Vendor from a Service provider. With this capability the client is able to not only filter exclusively to “Service Providers” in their list view but they are also able to provide real time updates to their consumers and service providers.

We capped off our customization by creating a custom portal that matches the client’s existing website. This step could be skipped in favor of the existing Vtiger customer portal which could also be customized. Depending on the requirement we have completed projects with both approach and always choose the approach that makes the most sense both practically and economically for our client.

If you would like to know more about how we completed this request or if you have a similar request that you believe we can assist you with please contact us as we would love to assist you with your project.

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