New Features for Boru’s Vtiger Constant Contact Integration

FYI –  we have added some new features to our Constant Contact integration with Vtiger. We now have the ability to synchronize clicks and opens from Constant Contact integration to Vtiger . These updates are shown in a field in the Vtiger contact record, so now you can run workflows to notify your sales reps when someone in constant contact clicks on an email that you send out or even if they’ve just opened the email. In addition you can run reports to get this information.

In most cases, I would recommend that you use the constant contact capabilities for reporting.  They have great reports for analyzing overall results of the campaign. But what Vtiger does really well as give you actionable information on what’s happening in constant contact so you can quickly and easily respond when someone clicks or opens an email from constant contact.

We also synchronize bounces now, so you can have your team member clean up/update bad email addresses.

Interested in learning more? Let us send you an email.

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