Predictive Dialing: Five9 & Vtiger Integration

Two excellent pieces of software and no way to connect them? This situation is presented to us all the time. Vtiger is excellent open source software that allows our clients and us to structure processes for efficiency and organization. Five9 is predictive dialing at it’s finest. Five9’s business model revolves around efficient, intelligent dialing that puts your business in a position to successfully convert leads into customers.

Using both is a great first step but using both together opens a greater set of opportunities. Recently one of our loyal customers decided to integrate the two. Our client sells at a retail level and needed a way to position their sales staff in front of qualified leads. Vtiger manages the lead contacts and current statuses through their business flow but it was discovered that not all of the leads were properly managed after the data collection stage. Our client needed a way to tie their Vtiger contacts and statuses to Five9 so that Five9 could predicatively dial their potential customers.

Sending the qualified list to Five9 from Vtiger was the first stage of this customization. Our client also needed a way to prioritize the calling list for maximum efficiency of Five9. Once the call was completed the statuses in Five9 were less important. It was decided that Vtiger should be the record of authority over Contact statuses. This allows the client’s employees who are familiar with the Vtiger process to stay focused in Vtiger and only receive the benefit of Five9’s successful calls to convert their potentials. The entire system of pushing/pulling data is handled by cronjobs and custom workflows. The end result is a seamless integration between Vtiger and Five9 that requires little to no interaction from the Client’s employees.

Are you interested in this type of integration? Would you like to know more about how we completed this customization? Shoot us a comment or email and let us know how we can assist you.

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