Problems with vtiger 6.4 migration script

Vtiger 6.4 has been out for a few hours and already the forums are filling up with comments about issues people are having with the migration scripts to go from 6.x to 6.4. This is a pretty typical issue for vtiger. As good as vtiger is, and we think it is great, there are many issues with their migration scripts. They don’t invest a lot of time and effort into improving the migration scripts.

So the unfortunate result of this is that even though the new releases include many new bug fixes that improve the user experience with each successive release, unfortunately the migration scripts introduce new bugs and so you don’t know if you’re actually making progress.

So Boru is taking a different approach.  We have now built a database to database migration tool. So we can easily take your 5.4 or 6.X vtiger and migrate the whole thing into directly into 6.4 — by passing the migration scripts. So we take out of play all the issues that come in with the migration scripts and you should be able to enjoy all the new improvements in 6.4 without the downside.

Here is a link to our product page for Boru’s Vtiger Direct Migration

Interested in learning more? Let us send you an email.

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