Quick Call History LCA User Guide

[accordion title=”Quick Call History Settings”]

  • Version x.xx.xx – Current version of your module.
  • Uninstall Module – You can completely remove the module.
  • Include Event Type? – You can include or exclude the event type drop down in the Quick Call Gadget(on the record view). Note, if set to “No” – the event type will always be “Call”.
  • Include Follow up Event Time? – You can include or exclude the Follow up Event time in the Quick Call Gadget(on the record view). Note, if set to “No” – the Follow Up Event Time will always be 9AM.
  • Follow up Event Duration – You can set the default for the Follow up Event.

[accordion title=”Event Subject”]

  • You can customize the subject for each activity created for the specific module.
  • “Custom Fields” – you can choose up to 2 fields to be an activity subject. For example, some people prefer to see activity subject as “Firstname, Lastname”.
  • “100 Chars of Description” – the subject will be 100 characters of the notes you have entered into the Quick Call History.

[accordion title=”Location”]

  • You have an option to include & auto pre-fill the Location from the record you are viewing.
  • Include Location in the QCH? – If “Yes” then the “Location” field will show up in the Quick Call History Gadget.
  • Auto-fill Location? – If “Yes”, then the “Location” will be filled in with the record’s current address.
  • Select the Address – Select which address to pre-fill in the “Location” field.
  • Note, the “Location” field is one of the default event fields.



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