Vtiger Customization – Referral Widget for your Contacts

We had a project for one of our customers where he wanted to have the ability to track referrals in Vtiger. In order to do this, we created a widget that has two buttons, “Referred To” and “Referred By.” If you want to track who referred a contact, you go to that contact and click “Referred By.”  A pop up will display a list of contacts and then you can select the contact who made the referral. After this is done, the referral will show in the referral widget in the contact “Summary View.”

In addition, you can see a list of all the referrals a contact has made by looking in the “Referrals.”  The Referral widget has a one-to-many linkage, so a contact can refer unlimited contacts, and they will be displayed in the “Referrals” related list on the contact.

All in all, we made the process of tracking referrals easier in Vtiger by having this functionality at a click of a button. This customization is helpful for someone who wants track referrals and/or offers rewards to their customers after they reach a certain number of  referrals.


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