Release roadmap for Vtiger 6.5 and 7.0

FYI – the announced vtiger release roadmap is 6.5 by end of Q1, and Vtiger 7.0 in Q3. There should be significant features from Vtiger on demand made available in Vtiger Open Source 7.0. I won’t even guess what features or how many at this point.

Vtiger reiterated it’s commitment to supporting the open source community and improving the open source code base though it’s own work and drawing upon open source developers contributions.

Vtiger also said they would promote extensions development and strengthen their app marketplace.

Here is the full text of the Vtiger announcement:

Happy New year!

We are excited about the developments coming to Vtiger open source edition. While it will not have all the features of our cloud edition, it will continue to draw many of the enhancements that we roll out to the cloud edition.
These are the priorities for us in 2016.
1. To facilitate community contributions and collaboration, we recently moved to git ( We will be reviewing the contributions and respond promptly.
2. Promote extensions development and strengthen marketplace. While Open source doesn’t have all cloud edition features, through marketplace customers have access to a rich set of functionality.
3. Roadmap – We’ll release 6.5 by end of Q1, and Vtiger 7.0 in Q3.
As to the question of making Vtiger On Demand code open source, the answer is that we do not foresee doing that. On Demand service is a collection of applications that are running on different servers, CRM being one of them. There is Global search that is driven through Solr. Then there is Email campaigns service that we run through a network of servers. And there is a Email Archival and Response service for converting emails into tickets, ..etc. In addition, Notifications, and some of the connectors such as Quickbooks, and Zapier require intermediate services.

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