Searching and Linking Buyers to Sellers in Vtiger

Most of our Vtiger clients sell products/services to clients (buyers).  But we have some clients that act as brokers (match buyers and sellers).  Some examples are business brokers, machinery brokers, and real estate brokers.

It’s actually pretty simple to set this up in Vtiger.  We add a type field to the opportunity record to indicate if the record is tracking a potential buyer or seller.  Then we add a search button to the opportunity screen that will pull up a list of opportunity records that are the opposite type — if you are on a buyer record, it pulls up sellers that match your criteria and vice-versa.

When viewing the search results that are generated this way, the user can select the opportunities of interest and click to link them to the opportunity record where the search originated.  This way the user can view a seller opportunity summary screen and see the “Potential Buyers” list widget to see a quick view of the opportunity status.  On a buyer opportunity you can see the “Potential Sellers” list widget.

We got fancy for one Vtiger client and streamlined the search by loading a search for the opposite buyer/seller type AND auto-filtered based on the buying/selling criteria listed in opportunity.  This save a ton of time that would ordinarily be needed to filter each search manually.

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