Sharing Rules – Simple Solutions in a Complex System

Sometimes there is a problem so sticky that you just can’t figure it out. You say to yourself “I simply can’t figure this out. It must be complicated. I know, I’ll dig deep into the system and probe to the very core!”

Stop. Right. There. That’s the moment where the little voice in your head is saying “Nope. It’s super simple, you’re just overlooking it.” I encourage you to listen to that voice and avoid diving headlong down the rabbit hole.

This week I was looking into an issue with sharing rules. The client wanted to set it up so that records belonging to a role and its subordinates were only visible to that role and subordinate group of users. Try as they might, the client couldn’t make it work. A straightforward feature such as this doesn’t normally present an issue this big; no matter what the sharing rules were, all users could see all content.

A complete apparent failure of a major system seemed unlikely, but to be safe I thought I’d poke around and see what was the matter.

Lo and behold, two simple checkboxes were at the root of the issue. The client had checked two tiny, easy to miss, ambiguously marked check boxes which defeated the whole system. In the profile section, there was a profile established for the role which the client was trying to use to control sharing rules. That profile had the following checked:

“Can view all the module’s information
Can edit all the module’s information”

All I had to do was uncheck those two boxes and the problem went away. I’m glad I listened to the tiny little voice that told me to keep it simple!

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