Vtiger Integration: SmartyStreets API

Currently, we are working on a SmartyStreets integration for one of our customers.  With a simple click of the button in Vtiger, the user can access this integration.

SmartyStreets is a company that autofills and validates addresses quickly and simply, and the validation confirms your mail will reach a real mailing address location.  Other companies, such as Google, do not use a validation system and can give you an incorrect mailing address. You won’t find out the address is not real, until your mail is returned to you.

  • SmartyStreets wrote an article of how they validate your addresses by parsing and standardizing the address, which other companies do not use (such as Google).  Read more here.
    1. Parsing: analyzes each piece of the address and determines the value of each piece
    2. Standardizing: fills in gaps of the address and also formats it correctly for whichever country the address is in
    3. Verification: address is checked on an official mailing database, like USPS, to confirm it is a real address [SmartyStreets]
  • Boru Inc. can integrate SmartyStreets into your Vtiger CRM to parse, standardize + autofill, and validate your addresses
* 1. SmartyStreets button underneath Address Details  2. SmartyStreets Vtiger Pop-Up Box with Update Address button to complete the form
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