Syncing Appointments from Vtiger to an App

Recently, we have been working on an App that will allow the user to take orders when a sales rep goes through his appointments of the day. An obstacle that came around was to figure a way to push the appointments out to the sales rep in a simple way while using Vtiger. What the team came up with was to sync all the leads’ events from the Vtiger calendar and push them to the app.

The way this works is simple, a Supervisor creates leads on Vtiger like usual and updates the “status” of the lead. Then, the Supervisor will add an activity to the lead and add it  to the calendar in Vtiger. Finally before the Sales rep gets started on his day, he will be connected to a network, log in with his credentials and with a tap of a button, the Sales Rep will have all of his appointments for the next couple of days. All of the events on Vtiger that are linked to the Sales Rep, will be there for him to use. These appointments will contain all the Lead’s information, from the name to the address, it will be there on the app for the rep to see and even use to open a map to find the quickest route.

All in all, this function and the combination of Vtiger with an App, will help facilitate the job of the sales rep, from checking/confirming the time of an appointment to getting directions to the Customer’s home.

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