Vtiger 7.1: Programming Developments to Improve Your CRM for the Long Term

Although Vtiger 7.1 bug fixes are not apparent to most users, the site’s structural aspect is becoming more robust.  In other words, you probably will not notice these differences but Vtiger is improving with each development.  For example, moving the ‘starred’ records feature into CRMentity is not going to mean much to end users, but for developers, […]

Vtiger 7.1 News: Final Release Date Announced

We received exciting news this morning from the Vtiger developers!  If all goes to plan, the newest version of Vtiger will be here the first week of March.  They have been hard at work updating the CRM and keeping the community informed. Read the full announcement here. Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger CRM! […]

Vtiger 7.1 News: 100+ Improvements

Thanks to the hard work of Vtiger’s developers, over one hundred issues have been fixed this week.  This post highlights some key improvements. New Vtiger 7 task management capability follows Vtiger standard permissions  UI percentage field type now accepts both positive and negative numbers Multiple ‘My Dashboard’ dashboards do not appear when you create new […]

Vtiger News: The Latest 7.1 Bug Fixes

The process to the final release of Vtiger 7.1 is on its way and this morning we learned the new fixes to the bug list.  Prasad sent the following list of fixes.   Bug Fixes for 7.1:   Webform Display Orange Box CSS in Extension Store is Broken Access to Shared Lists CSV Imports Table […]

Vtiger News: Improved Customer Portal in 7.1

Great news! Vtiger announced that version 7.1 has an improved customer portal with updated code.  It takes care of many users’ problems from the previous portal and also has a new layout design.   See the customer portal code here and the portal zip here. Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger CRM! [button color=”custom” size=”default” […]

Vtiger Bug: Fix – Delete Lists From Shared Lists in 7.1 Release

Clients often ask us how they can delete lists from their shared list, but this is not a standard yet.  The feature is only available if it is customized into your CRM.  Don’t worry, it will be a standard soon!  According to code.vtiger.com, Vtiger is resolving this bug in their 7.1 final release.  Vtiger 7.1 release date […]

Vtiger News: 7.1 Feature – Duplicate Record Prevention

If you have not heard yet, Vtiger announced the release of 7.1 RC this week (here).  We want to give a little more detail about the ‘duplicate record prevention’ feature.  This feature is a wonderful capability that has been passed down from Vtiger On Demand.  It keeps your database clean by preventing new duplicate records.  How Does ‘Duplicate […]

Vtiger News: 7.1 Feature – Follow a Record

Vtiger version 7.1 RC is ready (read announcement here).  Each day this week, we will post about the improvements, starting with the ‘follow a record’ feature.  How Do You Follow a Record? First, click the star icon to follow a record.  Located: a) ‘All’ record list views b) Individual records (see images for comparison) Why Should Users Follow a […]