Vtiger News: 7.1 Feature – Duplicate Record Prevention

If you have not heard yet, Vtiger announced the release of 7.1 RC this week (here). 

We want to give a little more detail about the ‘duplicate record prevention’ feature.  This feature is a wonderful capability that has been passed down from Vtiger On Demand.  It keeps your database clean by preventing new duplicate records. 

How Does ‘Duplicate Record Prevention’ Work?

  • This feature is only for when a user or external application is creating a new record
    • Whether you’re in quick-create or full-create, this feature works the same way 
    • Checks the fields you selected when enabling this feature
  • Does not check for duplicates when editing a record

Different duplicate prevention features: 

  • Import already has a duplicate record prevention feature for importing records
  • You can also check for existing duplicates in list view with the “Find Duplicates” feature

How to Set-Up the ‘Duplicate Record Prevention’ Feature:

  • Step 1 & 2:  Simply go to the Global Navigation (Hamburger Icon) and then Settings > CRM Settings > Module Management >  Module Layouts & Fields > Duplicate Prevention 
  • Step 3:  Select the module from the picklist 
  • Step 4:
    • Click the Yes / No Button to turn on the duplicate check
    • Select the fields from the records that you want checked for duplicates
    • Select the action to take from the picklist

Find out more about the new features.  We wrote about the ‘follow a record’ feature (here).

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