Vtiger 7 Tips & Tricks: Picklist Color Explained

When you are setting up the picklist colors, you might think the two columns are the font color and the background color.  In reality, both columns control the background color.  Depending on the background color, the font color is either white or black. Color Model 1: RGB (red, green, blue) Color Model 2: HSB (hue, saturation, […]

Vtiger 7 Tips & Tricks: How Do You Get to Quotes in a Related Modal Pop-Up?

Vtiger 7 users may know that modal pop-ups are tricky because they have to take different routes from Vtiger 6 to get to the same location.  For example, when users are:           1. In an ‘Organization’ record           2. Click on a related ‘Contact’ record They find there is […]

Vtiger 7 Tips & Tricks: How to Edit Activities in Related List View

‘Activities’ related list view does not have the standard ‘Edit’ button that every other related record has in the top right-hand corner.  There are two easy workarounds to edit the ‘Activities’ records.  When in the ‘Activities’ related list view, select the ‘Edit’ pencil  Or right click on the record and click “open link in new tab” to view the full record and edit […]