Vtiger 7 Tips & Tricks: How Do You Get to Quotes in a Related Modal Pop-Up?

Vtiger 7 users may know that modal pop-ups are tricky because they have to take different routes from Vtiger 6 to get to the same location.  For example, when users are:

          1. In an ‘Organization’ record
          2. Click on a related ‘Contact’ record

They find there is different way to get to related ‘Quotes’ records because of the Vtiger 7 modal pop-ups.  Compare that to Vtiger 6 where you can find related ‘Quotes’ records on the right hand side of the related ‘Contacts’ record. 

Vtiger 7 Modal Pop-Up Process – How Do You Get to Quotes?
          3. After clicking the related ‘Contact’ record, click ‘Details’ in the top right hand
              corner of the modal pop-up
          4. This will take you to the ‘Contact’ record and you can click the related ‘Quotes’

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