Vtiger 7 Bug: Global Navigation Sub-Menu Does Not Work on Smaller Touchscreen Devices

We want to quickly state that sub-menus in global navigation do not appear on some smaller touchscreen devices.  This is due to a lack of hover ability on these devices.  Although we have not tested it out, code.vtiger.crm has a post about this issue and a potential workaround here.  This works for most devices, but not every […]


Vtiger 7 Feature: Pin Icon – Add Shortcuts to Settings Homepage

Systems administrators can add shortcuts to the settings homepage in Vtiger 7 with the new pin icon.  Now you have quick access to the settings you work with the most. Simply click on any pin icon in the “CRM Settings” side navigation to add a shortcut Shortcuts appear beneath the “Settings Shortcuts”   Note: You can also click the […]


Vtiger 7 Feature: New Modules with Summary View

Summary view gives you the ability to quickly assess your records in Vtiger, and you can tailor them by picking key fields that make sense for your company.  (Learn how to modify the key fields by reading this post.)  Summary View in Vtiger 7: Every module that contains a summary view will also have the “Eye” icon […]


Vtiger 7 Feature: Spend Less Time Scrolling – New “Search” Button Location in List Views

The list view “Search” button location moved from the right side in Vtiger 6 to the left side in Vtiger 7.  Vtiger 6 requires the users to scroll to the right every time they click the “Search” button in a list view with many columns. Vtiger 7 avoids constant scrolling by locating the search button […]

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