Vtiger Integration: Verify Transactions with BluePay in WordPress Website

BluePay verifies customers’ credit and debit transactions made on your WordPress e-commerce website.  This not only protects your company from fraud but also streamlines your record keeping in Vtiger.  Any time a transaction is approved, a Vtiger record is automatically created with the contact’s information. Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger CRM!

Vtiger Integration: Dropbox and Google Drive – Document Synchronization

If you just read our post about a new Dropbox / Google Drive folder function here, our document synchronization option contains some similarity but may be a better option for you.  The main difference is: this option synchronizes links of your documents into Vtiger from your cloud system  Although it is called the Google Drive integration, this document […]

Vtiger Integration: Fishbowl for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We integrated Fishbowl with Vtiger for our client so the information is synchronized in both systems creating a smoother sales process.  Their process is as follows: create the client record in Vtiger –> create the quote in Vtiger –> turn quote into invoice or sales order in Fishbowl –> sales order executed in Fishbowl With this integration, the information is updated […]

Vtiger Integration: PayPal for One-Step Payment Process

PayPal is one of the largest online companies for payment transactions and many companies use both PayPal and Vtiger CRM. With our app, users can make payments through Vtiger with the simple click of a “Pay Invoice” button and the information will sync with PayPal.  Users can then view the information on a related list of Invoice […]

Vtiger Integration: Five9 – Data to Evaluate Your Sales Team’s Productivity

An integration between Five9 and Vtiger is a nice way to evaluate each salespersons’ productivity.  How Do You Track the Agents Sales Productivity? First, data from the lead vendor is posted to the client’s Vtiger and when it posts, it gets put into the Five9 dialer.  Then, Five9 has dialing algorithms so when someone picks up the […]

Vtiger Integration: Scheduler App for Field Service Jobs

Businesses who do service work out in the field have a higher level of scheduling required than the standard Vtiger calendar provides.  This scheduling app simplifies the process of sending employees to job sites for the employee and the business.   How does the scheduler app generally work? The calendar shows every employees’ schedule so you […]

Vtiger Integration: Use Your Vtiger Filters Inside Boru’s Google Maps App

If you didn’t know, you can use Google maps directly from your Vtiger with Boru’s Google Maps Integration.  We added a new picklist feature that pulls Vtiger organization filters and displays the correlating organization records on the map.   Boru’s Google Maps Picklist with Vtiger Organization Filters: Vtiger Organization filtered results on Google Maps App Location Pin Colors […]

Vtiger Integration: Intercom Help Center

We integrated Intercom with Vtiger for our client.  An Intercom integration can improve a few key things in your CRM: Help center provides customer’s and leads with a near instant response time to questions they have Gives the ability to transfer lead interactions from help center into Vtiger Create help articles for visitors to your […]