VTiger 6.2 Official Release Today

See below for the message posted on the developers forum.
I think we (Boru) will probably use it ourselves for a while and once we get comfortable with it start using it for new installs.  After that, if it makes sense we will start offering migrations.  We find that the migration scripts are often severely buggy and require a lot of our work to get a good migration script.If the client is happy with 6.2 (not experiencing bugs) there will not be a lot of incentive to upgrade.

Note: the migration script from vtiger (6.1 to 6.2) will not be released til tomorrow.
After 4 month span from vtiger 6.1.0 release, we’re happy to announce vtiger 6.2.0 official release. Our efforts towards this release is to make product more stable.
We would take an opportunity to thank entire community for there support towards release and making product more stable.
Our special thanks for the following contributors.
Simone Travaglini and Matteo Baranzoni – UI enhancements for the Customer Portal.
Sanehdeep Singh, ControlCase International Pvt. Ltd – worked closely to get session fixation.
Some of the notable enhancements includes:
Google Calendar api upgraded to support V3 api
Security fix for session hijacking
Closed over 200 issues reported on trac.vtiger.com
Closed tickets also include long standing issues from 5.4.0 and also patches shared by developers.
You can find the download links at: https://www.vtiger.com/open-source-downloads/
If you encounter any problems while using Vtiger 6.2.0, please log them at trac.vtiger.com and use discussions.vtiger.com or the developer email list as channel for collaboration.
Thank you all for your patience!
Please report issue you encounter at trac.vtiger.com (set target version 6.2.0)


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