Vtiger 6 Customization: HUD Tool that Combines Customer History Similar to New Vtiger 7 Touchpoints

We created a HUD tool for a customer (read about HUD pages here) that combines the email history, phone call history, and comments in Vtiger 6 into one section so contact history is easy to review / track.  They are listed in chronological order.

We also do this customization in Vtiger 7 because although the new CRM version has “Touchpoints”, “Touchpoints” is not as useful to get a clear idea of your customer history.  Here are some key similarities and differences between the two (see images for visual descriptions):

Key Similarities and Differences:

  • Both include customer contact history in list form and with icons – phone calls, meetings, emails, etc.
  • Boru HUD Customization gives you the ability to view individual activities, emails, and links in the contact history list tool
  • Boru HUD Customization gives you the ability to scroll through emails using arrow keys < >.
  • Vtiger 7 “Touchpoints”  requires you to go to the related list or summary view to see comments.
  • Vtiger 7 “Touchpoints” shows the email icon but you can’t click on it to view the email.  Furthermore, to view multiple emails you have to open them one at a time.
  • Vtiger 7 “Touchpoints” include field updates of the record, which adds clutter to contact history, defeating the purpose of quickly viewing your customer contact history.
Boru HUD Customer History Customization:
Vtiger 7 Touchpoints:
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