Vtiger 7 On Demand: How to Use Smart Alerts

You may have looked at the smart alerts and thought how and why should I use this tool?  Vtiger created this feature so users will be reminded of idle leads, contacts, organizations, and more.  Once they are reminded, they can take the necessary actions.  The following is a quick set-up guide for systems administrators. 

First, choose the module records your company wants to be notified on:

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Opportunities
  • Invoices
  • Cases
  • Projects
  • Project Tasks
  • Approvals

Second, users set how long the record is idle before an alert is sent and the alert will show up in the right hand corner over the person’s icon.  Once that is clicked, the notification center will contain the Smart Alert.

Lastly, the user can take three actions with the alert or “Snooze” it to shut it off.

  • Send Email
  • Create Task
  • Create Event 

Check out Vtiger’s Guide to Smart Alerts for an interactive training on Smart Alerts.


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