Vtiger 7 Feature: New & Improved Tag Function

Vtiger 7 has vastly improved the functionality of tagging compared to the Vtiger 6 CRM, and there are four new functions beyond adding a tag.

Four New Functions of Vtiger 7 Tags:

  • View of current tags chosen for the company, contact, etc.
  • Ability to choose from tags already populated in the Vtiger system.
  • Public tag option that allows tag to be shared with any person that uses your CRM (public tags show up in green once added).
  • Appears as a modal pop-up on your current page.
Last week, we wrote a post  about how you can not turn off the tag function in Vtiger 7 like you can in Vtiger 6.  We will write about the positives and negatives to tagging in a CRM next.
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