Vtiger 7 Report – Twitter Connector

There is a Vtiger Twitter Connector in Vtiger On Demand.  I think it has been in place for a while now but it is more prominent in Vtiger 7.  You can see from the screen shot below that it is a listing of your posts and likes in twitter.  Maybe I am missing something but there is no integration that I can see.  It does not show you posts from a contact on their Vtiger contact record.  I think I would prefer to just open twitter in a new browser page o, as I typically do, open a social media aggregator site like hootsuite.com when I want to see a list of relevant posts.  So I don’t get it.  Let me know if you do.

I should note that I don’t think the probability is high that the Twitter Connector will make it into Vtiger Open Source.

vt twitter connector

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