Expanding Vtiger’s Capabilities with Enhanced API Integration by Boru

In the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the ability to seamlessly integrate various services and functionalities is key to maximizing efficiency and user experience. Boru’s work in extending the API capabilities of Vtiger open source CRM exemplifies this, offering users enhanced flexibility and functionality.

Enhancing the Core API of Vtiger

While Vtiger comes with a native API that covers basic functions like creating and querying data, it lacks comprehensive documentation and user-friendly guidance. Boru has tackled this issue by extending the Vtiger API, making it more accessible and versatile. They have developed an API page with basic instructions and a list of available API actions, providing a clearer understanding and easier access for users.

Custom Additions Based on Client Needs

Understanding that different businesses have unique requirements, Boru has added several functionalities to the Vtiger API based on client needs. These additions include capabilities like deleting records, accessing custom fields, and performing complex calculations. These enhancements significantly improve the scope of what businesses can achieve through the Vtiger API.

Integration with Third-Party Services

One of Boru’s strengths lies in integrating Vtiger with a variety of third-party services. This includes APIs from logistics companies like Parsifal, payment services like Paylocity and Authorize.Net, and compliance-centric data management for medical industries, ensuring HIPAA compliance. These integrations demonstrate the adaptability of Vtiger to various industry-specific requirements.

Real-Time Functionalities and Tax Processing

A notable integration by Boru is with Avalara Tax, enabling real-time tax processing. This integration allows Vtiger to calculate taxes in real-time based on invoice address information, showcasing the potential of Vtiger to handle complex, dynamic business processes.

Customizable API Pages for Third-Party Integration

Boru can also create custom API pages to assist third-party teams in integrating with Vtiger data. This service is invaluable for businesses looking to connect their Vtiger CRM with other systems or data sources, providing a streamlined process for integration.

Comprehensive API Integration Services

Boru’s expertise in API integration encompasses a wide range of services, as long as the third-party API is RESTful and well-documented. Their ability to craft custom solutions that integrate seamlessly with Vtiger open source CRM systems opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing CRM functionalities.


Boru’s extension and customization of the Vtiger API are a testament to their commitment to enhancing CRM systems’ capabilities. By providing users with improved access to API functionalities, custom additions, and seamless third-party integrations, Boru enables businesses to leverage their CRM system to its full potential, ensuring that they can meet a diverse range of operational requirements efficiently and effectively.

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