Attach Vtiger Documents: A Personal Take on Boru’s Customization Masterstroke

As someone who thrives on efficiency and accuracy, I’ve always looked for ways to simplify and enhance the user experience within the CRM realm. That’s what brought me to Boru’s innovative solutions for Vtiger CRM, especially when it comes to attaching documents, like utility bills, to CRM records. It’s fascinating how Boru personalizes and streamlines […]

Elevating Your Vtiger Dashboard with Boru’s Customization Mastery

As a dedicated Vtiger user and enthusiast, there comes a moment of realization that the pre-built reporting functions may not perfectly align with the nuanced needs of my business. This is where my journey with Boru’s custom Vtiger reporting solutions began, transforming not only my dashboard’s visual impact but also the accessibility and interactiveness of […]

The Transformative Power of EDI in CRM: A Deep Dive with Boru

In the intricate world of enterprise operations, there’s one key player that often goes unnoticed yet stands as the backbone of B2B communications—EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange. Today, I want to share with you, from our own firsthand experiences at Boru, how EDI integration within your CRM platform—specifically Vtiger—can revolutionize the way you conduct business, […]

Unlocking Efficiency with Customized Vtiger CRM Portals

In today’s fast-paced business environment, customization is key to staying ahead. Customized solutions not only meet specific business needs but also enhance user experience dramatically. That’s precisely why at Boru, I’m focused on tailoring the Vtiger Customer Portal to fit our clients’ unique demands, and I can’t wait to share my latest journey in CRM […]

Harnessing the Power of Vtiger and QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Customizing your CRM system is akin to having a tailored suit—it’s made to fit your business perfectly. Today, let me take you through an aspect of customization that many businesses crave: the integration of Vtiger and QuickBooks Desktop. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill blog post about CRM integrations; I’m diving into a personal walkthrough, drawn from […]

Streamlining Your Business with Vtiger Webforms

Crafting the ideal customer relationship management experience can be daunting, but with Boru, Vtiger webforms it can become a game-changer for efficient lead capture. Boru has crafted many different lead capture solutions such as advanced email forms to a host of extensions. In this post we will review how Webforms can turn a daunting process […]

Mastering Vtiger Email Templates: Insights from Boru’s Expertise

Introduction Navigating through the world of CRM, the significance of effective communication is undeniable. At Boru, we delve deep into the facets of Vtiger email templates, a tool that transcends conventional use. Let’s embark on a journey from the basics to the advanced functionalities of email templates, as explored in our recent discussion. The Power […]

Expanding Vtiger’s Capabilities with Enhanced API Integration by Boru

In the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the ability to seamlessly integrate various services and functionalities is key to maximizing efficiency and user experience. Boru’s work in extending the API capabilities of Vtiger open source CRM exemplifies this, offering users enhanced flexibility and functionality. Enhancing the Core API of Vtiger While Vtiger comes with […]