Vtiger Best Practices – Appts, Calls or ToDos

I get support/training questions about this regularly.  When should I use an appointment versus a call versus a todo – they are all calendar items?  The answer is actually very simple:

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  • If you will stop doing what you are doing when the specific time arrives, and start doing that activity — whether it is a meeting, phone call or you are writing a proposal at your desk — block those out as “appointments” on your calendar.
  • If you have a phone call you need to make on a specific day, but not a specific time, that is a “call.”  Schedule it for 1 a.m. so your calls do not clog up your calendar visually.
  • Everything else is a “todo.”  Todo’s are a little different animal because they have a start date and a due date (but no time) so they can only appear on your calendar in the all-day tray at the top.  That shouldn’t matter because you should be using an activity list view to process them anyway.

I hope that helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our Boru team at any time for more Vtiger support.


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