Vtiger best practices – Organizing and making follow up phone calls

Vtiger is a CRM, which means at it’s core it needs to do a good job helping you move clients through the marketing and sales cycles.  Vtiger has a lot of strengths, but unless you develop a good strategy for how to use it, in the end, you will not have a good solution for managing call follow up — no matter what CRM you use.  A sales rep who wants to make 30-100 follow up calls per day will find it frustrating.  In this series of blog posts we will cover the following:

  • use a call/activity list or a follow up date with filters and comments
  • if you use a call/activity list, should you use calls, appts, or todos
  • if you use a call/activity list – what is the most efficient way to do it
  • the Boru Turbo List follow up tool that is designed as a tool to help make sales people super efficient
  • use of dashboards in the sales process

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