Vtiger Best Practices – Use Comments or Activities

I get support and training questions regularly about the best strategy for managing follow up.  There are a couple important factors in making a good decision.  Do you need:

  1. ‘heads up’ display of notes?  Comments are good at this.  Activity notes are buried and take about 10 clicks to see 5 notes inside activities.
  2. disciplined follow up?  Activities are good at this, but comments are not.  With activities you can schedule your first call with a couple clicks on the activity widget and it’s easy to complete your calls, take notes and schedule the next call.
  3. display/manage your activities on a calendar or dashboard?   Activities are good at this, but comments are not.

The problem is, everyone wants both.  Here are a couple options you can use to have your cake and eat it too.

  1. If you manage a commercial sales force you probably want the standard follow up system of activities linked to contacts/orgs.  It has worked forever and good sales people are comfortable with this system.  The problem is that the notes are buried and hard to get to when viewing the contact/org record.  You can’t ask the sales people to make notes in both activities and comments — they won’t do it.  So Boru created a module the creates a comment for every activity that has notes.  This way you get the best of both worlds.
  2. If you manage a retail sales force, the sales reps are less sophisticated and simplicity is important.  We have helped our clients successfully implement filters that pull up leads/contacts for follow up based on a ‘Next Follow Up’ date field.  So the sales agent simply loads a filter, opens the first one, updates the comments, updates a status fields and/or the Next Follow Up’ date field and go to the next record.  It’s simple and effective.

I hope this helps.  I will have more to say on this topic next week.

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