VTiger Contact List Processing

If your organization spends a lot of time processing contacts or clients then you may be interested in an enhancement we completed for one of our clients. Our client has several employees that make sales calls to a very large list of potential customers. The original process that follows Vtiger’s default configuration was to view the contact list, apply a filter and then click into each potential customer. Once they completed their call to the customer they would disposition the contact status, save the record and then click back to the contact list. As you can see this incredibly inefficient.

We added a next record button with the status disposition in a picklist that shows on every contacts detail view. Now when the employee completes their sales call, they disposition the call and click next record. Our software has previously stored the exact order of the contact list in a custom section of the database. When the next record button is clicked the record is saved and our customization automatically takes the employee to the next contact record in their list. This fixed the inefficient process but there was an additional requirement.

Our client wanted to ensure that their employees didn’t overlap the contact lists which would create redundant work or multiple phone calls to the same potential. We had solved this with our custom process of storing the contact list but we wanted to also warn users when they were on the same contact. We added a bootstrap modal that warns users of the CRM when two users are viewing the same record. It allows the user to bypass the warning and continue editing in the event they both needed access to the same record.

There are a lot of possibilities with this customization and it’s certainly not limited to contacts. If this customization interests you but you have a little different requirement then we encourage you to contact us. Feel free to contact us with your questions.

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