Revolutionizing Construction Business Analytics with Vtiger Custom Reports

In the construction sector, managing detailed business analytics is crucial for success. Boru recently developed a custom Vtiger open-source solution for a construction company, focusing on creating comprehensive, automated reports that offer deep insights into various business aspects.

Tailored Reports for Daily Business Insights

The custom report, primarily derived from work order records, features a comparison of daily data against the previous year’s figures. It includes detailed analyses such as dollar amount changes, percent changes, and data comparisons for month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date. This comprehensive overview aids in making informed, timely business decisions.

Segment-Specific Data Analysis

The report is intricately designed to cover various business segments like external additions, and structural, and foundational improvements. It breaks down sales data by categories and sales channels, such as sales representatives or on-site technicians. This granular approach helps in understanding the performance of each segment and sales channel effectively.

Advanced Data Processing for Upsell Analysis

A standout feature is the calculation of upsell amounts. The system records the original work order amount and updates it with any additional sales made on-site, reflecting the upsell value upon work order completion. This process offers a clear picture of on-site sales effectiveness.

Year-Over-Year Comparison and Data Extraction

The most challenging part of creating these reports was comparing current year data with the previous year’s, especially when historical data was inconsistently recorded. Boru’s solution involved using backup data and manual entries to ensure accurate year-over-year comparisons.

User-Friendly Interface and Accessibility

The report values are hyperlinked for easy access to detailed work order lists, enhancing transparency and discrepancy resolution. Different sections are color-coded for better readability. The report is auto-emailed daily in CSV format, and users can generate reports for specific dates on-demand, saving time and reducing errors in manual calculations.


This Vtiger custom reporting tool marks a significant leap in business analytics for the construction industry. By automating complex report generation and offering detailed, actionable insights, it enables the company to make data-driven decisions swiftly and accurately, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and strategic planning.

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