Vtiger Customer Portal

What is the Vtiger Customer Portal?

Many of our clients use Vtiger every day. In some cases Vtiger is the heart and soul of their day to day operations. That’s not surprising but what is surprising is how many of our clients don’t actually utilize the customer portal. In many cases our clients aren’t even aware of the customer portal.

The customer portal is a separate section of Vtiger that your users can log into. While it does tap into the same database, it uses a separate set of code that can be isolated from Vtiger’s core. The portal by default is nothing more than a window into the data you collect from your end customer. It can be configured to show your customer their account details you have on file or their tickets you’ve collected.

Why use the Vtiger Customer Portal?

We learned along time ago that we can only scratch the surface of how our clients might use Vtiger for their businesses. However, we do have a lot of experience customizing the vtiger customer portal. Here are a few examples of how you might use the portal.

  1. Tickets. The Vtiger portal can be configured to allow your end users to login and manage their own tickets. Imagine your customers creating tickets that could then be part of your management’s ticket filters? It’s not only a time saver within your company but it also builds confidence for your end user. If your company already manages customer tickets then providing your customers with portal access to create and view their own tickets is the next logical step.
  2. Accurate records. We’ve set up several clients Vtiger installations with portal access where the sole purpose is to maintain accurate records. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for our clients to call their accounts up and ask for updated information. However, the Vtiger customer portal can be set up to allow the end user to login and update their own records. This won’t make sense for every field on an account record but often times a subset of fields can be maintained by the end user. Customer’s phone number changed? They can update the number themselves so the next time your team attempts to call them, they have the right number on file.
  3. Extending your sales platform. Many of our hosted clients use Vtiger with outside sales teams. Your Vtiger data is precious and in most cases private to the company administrators. However, in many cases, allowing an outside team limited permissions can increase your sales. Imagine your outside sales team logging into the Vtiger customer portal and adding new leads or contact records? It’s not difficult, we can make that happen.

Good Discovery

At Boru we understand that managing a small business takes time. A great deal of time. Our typical process is to organize a meeting with our clients where we can walk through their business processes. After this meeting, our team goes to work outlining where we can improve your already successful business with the power of Vtiger. From data preservation to daily management we’ve probably heard it and done it. Let us set up a free meeting with you. We promise to provide value to your organization.


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