Vtiger Customization: AutoPay – Automate Recurring Payments via Credit Card

Several of our clients use Vtiger CRM for credit card transactions to receive payments for their company’s goods and services.  And some of those companies charge their customers a consistent, periodic fee on Vtiger. 

How do they avoid invoicing and chasing payments?

We created a recurring payment capability on their CRM that automates the periodic payment for every time period (e.g. month, quarter, year, etc).  Credit cards are automatically charged the recurring amount.

Did you know it makes Vtiger PCI compliant?

Another benefit of this customization is that you do not have to worry about PCI compliance on your Vtiger.  This is possible because the credit card information and recurring payment plan are stored at the credit card company and not on your CRM. 

Another way to go about this is through tokenization.  Read Tokenization for PCI Compliance which allows customers to pay with a digital token that keeps credit card data safe.


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