Vtiger Customization – Create PO from Sales Order

We have done this Sales Order to Purchase Order customization in various forms for many clients and it is a great time saver.  They rave about it.  Each client has done it slightly differently but here are the basics:

  • Click on the Sales Order (or Quote) to Create a PO.  The products (not services) are carried from the Sales Order line items into the PO line item
  • Select the items on the Sales Order to include in a PO to Vendor A.  Click to create a PO and only the products selected are included on the PO.
  • Default the PO ship to address to the company address (from VT settings)
  • Use the product cost by default (not Sales Price)
  • Ability to send the PO to multiple vendors but with a ‘Request for Pricing’ pdf template — not the PO template

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