Vtiger Customization: Don’t Compromise Your Vtiger Set Up – Create Custom Modules

Do you have unique business needs that the standard Vtiger modules (i.e. Contacts, Invoices, etc.) do not address?  There is no reason to settle for a module that does not fit your data or to cram excessive fields into one record.  Most people have no idea that custom modules are easy and affordable to create and also addresses their unique data needs.  

They are:

  • completely customizable
  • link to other modules in exactly the way needed for that data
  • provide special fields for the specific data you require   


Our client uses custom ‘Sites’ and ‘Installs’ modules we created for them.  Their goods and services centers around installing products for their customers.  Each organization they provide a service for has multiple sites and multiple installs. 

How do the custom modules in Vtiger work? 

  • The custom ‘Sites’ module is related to the ‘Organizations’ module
    • It contains the person of contact for the site, where the site is located (address), technical information about the site, and what organization is related to the site
  • The custom ‘Installs’ module is related to the ‘Sites’ module
    • Gives detailed information about each install job done at the exact sites for each organization
  • Provides perfect representation of the data without compromise: This keeps the data separated and organized so the install jobs are easy to follow and accurately recorded to the correct organization, and correct site, in Vtiger

You can see how this improves our client’s process so the data is segmented properly instead of having an extra long record, where you have to search for data and potentially miss entering data.

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