Vtiger Customization – Vtiger Integration with Hubspot

All sales teams face the challenge of following up on many leads at a time. Some days, a single sales representative could have over 100. They waste tons of time calling all of those leads, even though only a handful are actually interested in moving forward with your company. But when sales teams use powerful tools like Hubspot, representatives are able to follow up with leads that are more serious at that point in time.

We have several clients who use Hubspot, and we often get inquiries about making their process a little easier when using both Hubspot and Vtiger. That’s why we created a Vtiger integration with Hubspot, and we’re excited to see the progress our clients make.

Here’s how it works:

Hubspot creates a database of leads. It then filters out hot leads through a scoring system, which tracks the leads and their behaviors, such as clicks on your website and opens of emails. Leads that are interacting more frequently and on specific pages, score higher. Once a lead reaches a certain score, our integration automatically pulls that lead into Vtiger.

Before this integration, our client was manually exporting data from hubspot and manually entering leads into Vtiger. This integration makes sales people more effective because they get the lead while it is hot — within minutes of the hubspot threshold being met.  In addition, it makes your lead processing team more efficient.

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