Vtiger Customization: Track Individual Asset Conditions and Keep Them Connected to Sales Order

Large and expensive products are not easy to replace, so it is valuable to track the details of each individual product your company sold.  To help our customer, we developed a system that keeps an accurate record of each asset. 

Here is a brief example of how it works (Vtiger steps in bold): 

  1. Three tractors are in your warehouse.  Each tractor is the same product type but an individual asset (has own serial number).  

  2. A Vtiger asset record is created for each tractor (includes detailed information – the serial number, photos, and description)
  3. Asset records are linked to the correct product (inventory) record
  4. Sales creates quote record and links the product (inventory) record 
  5. One tractor is ordered. Sales order is created.
  6. Then, your asset record can be linked to the sales order

With the asset record linked, your Vtiger system connects the individual product, the sales order data, and the company who ordered the equipment.  Now, if you need to find history on a specific machine you sold, the data is easily accessible in your Vtiger.

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