Vtiger Tips and Tricks – Data Corrections

Logging data in Vtiger is a complex process. Many forms need to be filled out and dozens of records need to be searched through. Along the way, errors can occur. But with Boru’s Vtiger Data Tips & help, we can always correct your Vtiger data at any time.

We recently had a client who created contacts and later realized those contacts should have been created as organizations. To fix this issue, we built a script to identify the contacts that should have been organizations. Once the script identified the records, it automatically created an organization using data that was mapped from the contact. We also future proof by adding tools such as type-ahead searching to help prevent duplicates.

In efforts to prevent this issue later on, we created a new field called “Migrated From Contact?” which allows us to distinguish organizations that were created via our script against existing organizations. This created thousands of organizations, which would have taken the client many hours to reproduce by simply copying and pasting data.

When companies take advantage of our services, such as our Discovery Process, mistakes like these can be prevented early on. If your company uses Vtiger, Boru can help you use it better.

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