Vtiger Drip Campaigns 

In the previous posts we worked on getting your leads into VTiger as efficiently as possible.  Now you need to make contact and sell them on your product.  Sales is a contact sport.  You need to take the lead from zero knowledge of your offering to the point where the prospect feels your product is the best solution.  That can mean a lot of calls and emails are needed to make a sale.  It can also mean a lot of ways your sales process can break down.  That’s where drip campaigns come in.

Drip campaigns, I believe, are the best area of focus to get your investment in vtiger to pay off.What is a drip campaign?  A series of pre-set, timed emails and scheduled calls, typically targeted to a lead/prospect.  The series stops if the prospect purchases or progresses to a more advanced stage in the sales process.

Why use drip campaigns?
-Not every sale happens immediately.  Many sales take days, weeks or even months.
—Drip campaigns are a great tool to make sure you stay in front of prospects over a long sales cycle.
—Drip campaigns can serve the purpose of educating your prospects about your products over a long period of time.
-Even if your sales people are terrible at doing disciplined follow up and educating your prospects, a drip campaign of timed emails can help sure all your prospects understand your offering.
-Sales people often give up or lose track of a prospect if they do not purchase quickly.  Drip campaigns to not give up.  They can even rekindle interest months or years after the initial inquiry
-Drip campaigns can kick in after a purchase is made to educate clients on your other offerings and stimulate interest/sales.

Vtiger workflows can easily be set up to trigger workflows based on things like lead source, lead status or lead type.  You set up your conditions to trigger the workflows and then setup your emails. Vtger has lots of good training docs so I won’t take up time with those details.  Here is a good wiki for setting up workflows:https://wiki.vtiger.com/vtiger6/index.php/Workflows.  And here is one  for scheduled workflows:https://wiki.vtiger.com/vtiger6/index.php/Workflows

I have not figured out an easy way to set up a workflow to execute a set of staged emails: e.g. email 1  sends  immediately, email 2 sends on Day 1, Email 3 send on Day 2, etc.  Does anyone  have a good way to do this?  We built our own workflow module that solves this problem https://www.boruapps.com/shop/sales-productivity/boru-vtiger-workflow/

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