Vtiger: European Union General Data Protection Regulation – Are You GDPR Compliant?

What is GDPR Compliance?

GDPR compliance applies to any company that does business with citizens in the European Union.  Simply put, citizens in the European Union have their personal data information protected, and if their data is used without their approval, your company can be fined.  If you do business with clients in the European Union, it makes sense to invest time learning the guidelines and penalties. 

Penalties According to the Official Journal of European Union:

The penalties for not being GDPR compliant can be financial and serious. 

To summarize the Official Journal of European Union, Regulation (EU) 2016/679, there are serious financial penalties for any company working with EU clients who do not comply with the regulations that include:

  • 4% of the company’s annual global revenue or up to 20,000,000 EUR (whichever is higher)
  • The deadline to become GDPR compliant is May 25, 2018 (“Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council”).   

Understanding New Regulations:

European Union citizens have the right

  • to consent to personal data being gathered,
  • access to personal data and access to how it is used,
  • withdrawal of personal data consent, 
  • right to be notified of a data breach,
  • and the right to stop direct marketing using their personal data (Lund)  

These are the regulations with the largest impact on Vtiger users, but you can read an overview of each new regulation in the following post.


Steps to Be Compliant:

The first step to be GDPR compliant, is to receive consent from European Union clients to use their personal data.  In our next post, we will show you how to create a workflow for your EU clients so you can easily create a GDPR compliant plan.

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