Vtiger Extensions: Click to Call for Increased Productivity

You can make calls from your computer or hardware phones with Click to Call extensions, and you can make them directly in Vtiger.  Phone numbers are hot-linked in Vtiger records, Google, and Skype.  

How Does this Improve Your Productivity?

Click to Call saves the valuable time it takes to dial the phone and if you make a large number of calls it is a must-have tool.  

If you currently have a PBX system, please note that there is not an easy way to connect Click to Call with your system besides switching to a VOIP – PBX system.  This most likely is not a cost-effective solution for you.

Where Can You Use Click to Call?:

Options to Configure with Vtiger:

VOIP – PBX System allows you to use either hardware phones or software phones (software phones – computer headset or USB phone for calls)

If your computer does not have telephone capabilities, you can add a browser-based app that will open a telephony system. First, install the ‘PBX Manager’ Module in Vtiger and then download and configure a telephony system. Telephony systems that hotlink phone numbers in Vtiger:

With the help of developers, you can also use (web-based Click to Call extensions with high-quality APIs):

  • 3CX 
  • Vonage Connect 

Both of the options allow for multiple extensions to be used on one account and saves money.

You can also add this function to Google and Skype:

  • Click to Call Google Chrome extension here
    • Works for Email Signature in Gmail
  • Click to Call Skype extension here

Predictive Dialing with Five9 Integration

An integration that goes beyond VOIP – PBX is the Five9 Integration. It uses predictive dialing to call multiple contacts at once and when the first contact answers, it drops the other calls.  

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