Vtiger Feature: Merge Records to Manage Duplicates

Vtiger users can easily merge the duplicate records in both Vtiger 6 and Vtiger 7.  This feature is even better in Vtiger 7 because users can merge records in the “All” list view. This allows you to quickly merge duplicates if you see them while working in “All” list view compared to actively searching out duplicate records and merging them.

Even though the processes are slightly different in Vtiger 6 and Vtiger 7, the results are the same.  This feature allows you to: 

  • Merge duplicate records 
  • Choose what information survives and remains on the newly merged record 

Image: Vtiger 7 “Merge selected records” tool in “All” List View


Image: Select the information that will remain in the newly merged record.  This feature is in both Vtiger 6 and Vtiger 7.


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