Vtiger Feature: What Are Price Books and How to Use Them?

We noticed that many Vtiger users do not use the Price Books module.  While the Price Books module does not make sense for every business, it may be valuable for the following uses:

  • Special Pricing for important clients
  • Price Book for distributors vs. Price Book for end client

What is a Price Book and how do you use it?

Price Books contain a product or group of products, and you can change the product price from the standard price.  Then when you are creating an invoice for a valuable client or distributor, you can click the Price Book symbol to add a line item for the special pricing of a product.

What is the downside of Price Books?

If your company has many products and you have to manage the pricing of all the products, adding multiple Price Books may not be feasible.  For example, say you work for a small company and have 5,000 products and 5 Price Books.  Now you potentially have to keep track of 25,000 prices instead of 5,000 prices.

Customized at Individual Invoice Level: 

We created a pick list with discount options for a company who had many products but did not want to individually change each product price in the Price Books.  This customization allowed them to simply choose the discount amount they want from the pick list and then it is applied globally to all line items in the invoice. 

Customized at the Organization Level:

In another client case, the company gives each customer organization a unique discount.  We created a discount field in the organization records that allowed our client to add a specific discount price.  Then, when an invoice was created for that organization, it automatically discounted the price for every line item.  A nice aspect of this customization is that you only have to change the price discount in one place.

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