VTiger Gmail Chrome App Gadget is Released Beta

Our crowd sourcing campaign was successfully concluded and we are moving forward with the development project.  We released the Beta version to the participants last week and are moving forward with feature development phase 2.

Here are the features of the beta app .

  • After install, a button displays on right side of the open email in gmail
  • The button opens and closes sidebar app
  • When an email is open in Gmail, the user can open the side bar app to show VTiger info about the contact that has sent the email (based on matching the email’s from address with the email field in vtiger’s contact table)
  • On first use: login screen – user inputs their access key and VT url to connect/login. Save the info so no future logins are needed.
  • If the from email matches any of the contact’s email addresses on the VT contact table, then load the info/tabs for that contact
  • 1st tab in the app is the Contact Info tab. That is the only tab needed for deliverable #1.
  • Display contact info – hardcoded list of fields (Fname, Lname, phones, email, mailing address)
  • Able to click to open the vtiger contact record.
  • Can Edit contact info. Ideally the user is able to edit one field at a time without switching from display mode to full edit mode.
  • Able to easily create a contact if no match. If no match the program screen automatically switches to the contact create mode. For the organization field: needs to have the ability search for organizations (separate, linked table in Vtiger), will create new one and link if no match
  • prefill fname, lname, email for new contact

Here is a video we made for the beta so you can get a sense of how it works: http://youtu.be/93LjPaYSSCQ?hd=1

Interested in learning more? Let us send you an email.

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