Vtiger Gmail Integration Tip – Create New Vtiger Contact from Gmail

This is a pretty neat feature of Boru2Gmail.  It allows you to create a new contact in Vtiger while looking at the contact’s email in Gmail.

  • Boru2Gmail auto-fills name and email address
  • You can link it to an existing organization using type ahead to find the existing organization
  • Or keep typing to add a new, unique organization.
  • You can copy/paste phone numbers and web site info.
  • We will include some intelligent-parsing in future releases so the system will make an educated guess about phone numbers, web site. etc.

Download and install it to try it yourself.  I believe this is the most significant add-on for enhancing your Vtiger productivity.

Still have some questions about Boru2Gmail? Give us a call at any time for Vtiger support.

Interested in learning more? Let us send you an email.

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