Optimizing Data Integration with Vtiger Imports Customization by Boru

In the dynamic world of CRM systems, efficient data integration is key to maintaining up-to-date and accurate customer records. Vtiger Open Source CRM, with its standard import feature, facilitates this process, but it also has its limitations. Boru’s innovative approach to customizing Vtiger imports addresses these limitations, offering tailored solutions for complex data integration needs.

Enhanced Duplicate Checking and Data Linking

Vtiger’s standard import feature is limited in its ability to handle duplicates and link multiple modules simultaneously, especially when dealing with customized CRM setups. Boru’s customization offers an advanced solution by enabling more sophisticated duplicate checking, which goes beyond the exact matches required by Vtiger’s default settings. This feature is invaluable for importing leads or contacts where names might slightly differ, ensuring that potential duplicates are flagged and handled appropriately.

Customized Data Import Across Multiple Fields

Boru’s approach allows for importing multiple sets of data into specific fields. For example, if a business needs to import various notes or details spread across several columns into a single field in a related sales order or potential record, Boru’s customized scripts can seamlessly integrate this data, maintaining its integrity and format.

Comprehensive Database Imports

For businesses looking to import an entire database, which is beyond the scope of Vtiger’s standard import functionality, Boru offers a bespoke solution. Whether it’s pointing the Vtiger system to a new database or importing SQL databases, Boru’s team can script and execute this complex process, ensuring all data is accurately transferred and integrated.

Sequential Data Integration

Boru’s customized import scripts are designed to handle data sequentially, addressing the needs of various modules one at a time. This methodical approach is crucial when dealing with interconnected data like leads, contacts, phone numbers, invoice data, and sales order data. Each step is carefully scripted to ensure data is correctly linked and integrated.

Addressing Unique Client Requirements

Whether it’s phone data, address information, or linking custom module records with other types of data, Boru’s tailored solutions cater to specific client needs. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses with unique data structures or those requiring integration of custom modules.

Dry Run and Production Script

Before implementing the customized import script on the live Vtiger system, Boru conducts a ‘dry run’ on a test version of the Vtiger build. This step ensures the import process is successful and error-free. Once confirmed, the same script is applied to the production version of the CRM. For future imports, the standardized production script ensures consistency and reliability in data integration.

Optimization for Large Data Sets

For extensive data imports that might take considerable time, Boru offers optimization solutions. This includes enhancing the import script for efficiency or upgrading server resources to expedite the import process.


Boru’s customized Vtiger imports solution revolutionizes data integration in Vtiger Open Source CRM. By addressing the limitations of the standard import feature, Boru ensures that businesses can efficiently manage complex data integration needs, maintain data accuracy, and enhance their overall CRM functionality. This customization exemplifies Boru’s commitment to providing flexible and robust solutions tailored to specific business requirements.

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