Vtiger Integration: ShipStation – Create Variety of Shipping Labels on a Contact Page

If your company ships a lot of packages using Vtiger CRM data, you know the pain of transferring information to create a shipping label.  The process can be streamlined by integrating ShipStation. 

With a few clicks, create a shipping label directly from a contact’s page in Vtiger, ship with any carrier, and ship any size of a package or envelopeFor these reasons and more, we integrated ShipStation with Vtiger for a client. 

How does a ShipStation integration improve Vtiger shipping?

  • Shipping label tool directly linked to Vtiger contact page – shipping & return label created from the Vtiger contact page with a few clicks
  • One integration allows you to ship using any carrier – ship through Fedex, USPS, and more
  • Keep track of your packages in Vtiger – records the time and date of delivery
  • Less costly because there is less coding time – save money by using one integration, instead of integrating each individual shipping carrier’s API

How does Shipstation integration work?

Instead of creating a separate integration in Vtiger for each shipping carrier, Shipstation provides APIs that allow users to connect to multiple carriers through one gateway.  Read more about ShipStation here.


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